A cute mongrel that delights in finding small treats for your Neopet!
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Doglefox is a Medieval Petpet on Neopets.


Weight: 1 lbs.
Rarity: 93
Estimated Value: 48,000 NP


  • Black Doglefox Plushie
  • Blue Doglefox Plushie
  • Blue Doglefox (TCG)
  • Delightful Doglefox Purse (NC)
  • Doglefox (TCG)
  • Doglefox Balloon
  • Doglefox Bread Creature
  • Doglefox Candy Floss
  • Doglefox Colouring Book
  • Doglefox Cone
  • Doglefox Cookies
  • Doglefox Ice Cream Scoops
  • Doglefox Jelly
  • Doglefox Marker
  • Doglefox Plushie
  • Doglefox Popcorn
  • Doglefox Shampoo
  • Doglefox Usuki Set
  • Green Doglefox Usuki Set
  • Invisible Doglefox (TCG)
  • Mutant Doglefox
  • Pink Doglefox Plushie
  • Samrin Doglefox Plushie


  • Mini Doglefox Plushie
  • Mini White Doglefox Plushie
  • Mini Purple Doglefox Plushie
  • Mini Green Doglefox Plushie
  • Black Doglefox Plushie Clip

Cooking Pot


Game Appearances

Available Colors


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