Sadly the game is 'un'available

It costs 5 neopoints to play Dice-A-Roo. Roll the dice, in order, the different sides of the dice have different effects. A check mark means you win some neopoints, an X means you lose some points, but a skull and crossbones means you loose all your neopoints and the game. Sometimes the triangle means you get to move up to the next die, but not always. The game can end in three ways:

  1. you decide to stop (and take your winnings),
  2. you roll something nasty (like the dreaded skull and crossbones), or
  3. you get to the silver die and roll the jackpot!


If you win the Jackpot in Dice-A-Roo you will receive the Dice-A-Roo Avatar.




While you play, passing Blumaroos stop by to tell you things. We don't know how accurate they are.

Other "dicey" games: Attack of the Gummy Dice, Bilge Dice, Dice Escape

The jackpot changes over time. You might want to check how big it is before you play.

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