Destruct-O-Match II
Ctp 759
Neopoint-bag Unknown
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Unknown
Iaza14042565375008 Tyrannia
External Links
Iaza14042576600800 High Score Page (defunct)
Red Pteri N/A
Button playnow
Destruct-O-Match II is a retired game from Tyrannia on Neopets. It is categorized as a puzzle game and rated as easy.

Double click on any set of blocks of the same color to "destroy" them. Clear out more blocks, win more np. I suggest starting at the top and going down. This game has since been sent to the Game Graveyard due to Destruct-O-Match III being released.

Destruct-O-Match II occupies game IDs 453 and 759, the latter being an updated version of the game which replaced the former.


Type destroyboulders to clear one colour.

External link

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