Deserted tomb entrance

The entrance of Deserted Tomb

The Deserted Tomb is a somewhat Mayan-style stone tomb that is found in Geraptiku on Mystery Island. It can be visited daily for a chance to find items. When you visit the tomb, there are several possible outcomes and numerous items to obtain. The ultimate goal is to find the treasure chest located deep within the tomb... with items still inside of it.

This is a chance game, so you cannot control what happens when you enter. Often, it will say that you have been in the tomb for days, but when you exit, your pet's hunger level has not changed.

Negative outcomes

Chased out by a ghost

Desertedtomb hissi ghost

The ghost Island Hissi

After being lost in the tomb for two days, you encounter a ghost Island Hissi that promptly chases you out of the tomb, roaring and shouting "Me hungry!" You escape without receiving any injuries, but you don't find any items.

Empty treasure chest

You apparently wander the tomb for days until you find the treasure chamber. However, the chest is empty; another user may have found the treasure before you. You shout "Fiddlesticks!" in frustration and then take three days to find your way out of the tomb.

A trap injures your pet

As you're walking along, you accidentally trip an arrow trap, and your active neopet pushes you out of the way and gets hit by the arrows. You are given no choice but to leave the tomb, empty-handed. Your neopet's hitpoints will be reduced by half by the arrows.

Positive outcomes

Low-level item find

Petpet item find

The Petpet you sit on

After getting lost and wandering in circles about fourteen times, you decide to sit down and rest. Then, you realize that you have just sat down on a petpet and stand back up, only to notice that the petpet is sitting on a box. You shoo the petpet away, open the box, and receive one of the exclusive Deserted Tomb items and possibly an avatar.

Treasure chamber

A few days have gone by, and you have managed to find the treasure chamber. Along with a Deserted Tomb item, you receive a random amount of neopoints, and either a Codestone, a Bottled Faerie, or a Mystery Island fruit. You may also get an avatar.

Deserted Tomb items

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