The Lost Desert Paint Brush can paint your pet Desert. 

The Lost Desert Paint Brush is available through the Trading Post for around 3,000,000 NP, but it can also be won from a Bagguss Bonanza scratchcard or the Fruit Machine. They were given out as prizes from the Lost Desert plot.

Desert Neopets

Expand the gallery to see them all.

Desert acara Desert aisha Desert blumaroo
Acara Aisha Blumaroo

Desert Petpets

There is a Lost Desert Petpet Paint Brush available for around 210,000NP.  
Petpetbrush desert


There is also a plushie version of the paintbrush, but unlike the other two this is useless. Its only use is to be played with. (estimated price 12,000 NP)
Plushie desert pb

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