"Fyora stole one thousand years from me, and that was about what it took for me to plan my revenge."

– The Darkest Faerie

The Darkest Faerie is a powerful Dark Faerie on Neopets, and formerly a hero of Altador. She earned her title from her deeds and attempts to take over Neopia, even going as far as to attack Fyora herself.

Other names include "The Sleeper" and "The Betrayer" while her actual name was erased from memory.

She also appears in the video game The Darkest Faerie as the main antagonist.


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The Darkest Faerie, also known as "The Betrayer," once belonged to the Council of Twelve that built and benevolently ruled the kingdom of Altador. Though she seemed content at one time to rule alongside the others, this soon changed. The Darkest Faerie betrayed King Altador and the kingdom, and it became horrifyingly clear that she desired to be the land's sole ruler. Not satisfied with simply overthrowing the empire, The Betrayer's thirst for power led her to devise a plan to use her magic to completely rewrite the history of Altador, making herself both the sole founder and queen! Luckily, King Altador and the sorceress Jerdana were able to preempt her scheme with one of their own, and thanks to a pair of unlikely heroes, her other terrible plans were snuffed as well. Nowadays, the Darkest Faerie is trapped in a statue under the watchful eye of Queen Fyora, but evil like hers shall always be a threat.

She had once saved King Altador's life and been a close friend of his, before eventually betraying all of Altador. Fyora put a stop to The Darkest Faerie by turning her to stone, and putting a pendant around her to keep the faerie trapped within this stone form.

Eventually, however, the pendant fell off, and the faerie was released, and once again began taking over Neopia, starting with Meridell and Brightvale. She was, however, defeated by two heroes, Tormund and Roberta, and turned to stone by Fyora once more.

After the conclusion of The Faeries Ruin, it was revealed her statue went missing. King Altador requested to find her with tools for breaking the statue for good. The 2014 Advent Calendar implied the deed had been done.

During the Wraith Resurgence plot, the Darkest Faerie made an appearance and her statue in the Ruins of Maraqua disappeared, leaving her spot an empty kelp bed in the process. She was also being drained of life by the ruby ring she wears (and just seemingly cannot take off).


The Darkest Faerie is power-hungry and selfish, betraying her own friends just to rewrite history to make herself Altador's sole founder.


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Random Events

Before the Moltara event, you could encounter her, while now you instead encounter her statue form.



  • She has a statue in Altador's Hall of Heroes that disintegrates after you complete the Altador plot post 2012.

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