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Dark Faeries are minions of the evil one himself. They lay in wait to tempt those weak of heart. The power granted by these evil imps is great, but its comes at a price. Once you have been blessed by a Dark Faerie you are forever tainted. These evil Faeries' abilities include creating darkness, draining life and night vision.Other faeries of a different element can  also be Dark Faeries like the Earth,Fire and Water Faeries in Neoquest 2 and Ilere the Earth faerie as well as the Drenched.Elemental faeries of light,water,earth,fire and wind become dark and sinister in appearence when they become Dark Faeries.

Famous/Infamous Dark Faeries

  1. The Darkest Faerie
  2. Jhudora
  3. Delina-the only good one
  4. Ilere
  5. The Drenched
  6. Ariadne
  7. Malestra
  8. Spite
  9. Malice
  10. Vanity


Jhudora has two avatars available.

If you complete level 20 of Jhudora's Quest you get the Jhudora's Cloud Avatar

If you complete one of Jhudora's Quests on Jhudora Day (Febuary 4th) you can get the Evil Jhudora Avatar.


Faerie Cloud Racers II
You can pick the Dark Faerie to race in this game.

Type FAERIE to clear all obstacles in the level, this can only be used once per game

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