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The team representing Darigan Citadel , this team has a large following due to boasting both a strong offense and a strong defense. The lowest they've ever dropped was 9th in 2016.

Default formation: 2 + 2

Darigan Citadel logo


This team won AC II'

2006 Runners-up after losing to Haunted Woods in the final, 2,155,935 to 2,189,644.

2007 Ranked 1st with 67 wins, 16 draws and 7 losses overall.

Defeated Roo Island in the finals.

2008 Ranked 7th with 43 wins, 22 draws and 25 losses overall. Got 3rd place in Group 2 in the finals.

2009 Ranked 7th with 72 wins, 20 draws and 28 losses overall. Got 3rd place in Group 2 in the finals, beating Tyrannia.

2010 Ranked 3rd with 87 wins, 31 draws and 34 losses overall. Got 3rd place in Group 1 in the finals, beating Roo Island.

2011 Ranked 7th with 89 wins, 25 draws and 34 losses overall. Got 3rd place in Group 2 in the finals, beating Terror Mountain.

2012 Ranked 4th with 64 wins, 13 draws and 19 losses overall. Got last place in Group 1.

2013 Ranked 5th with 54 wins and 46 losses overall.

Team Members

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Name: Layton Vickles

Species: Hissi

Position: Left Forward

Strengths: Scoring, Running Plays, Quickness

Weaknesses: Strength.

Name: Tormo "The Terror" Frein

Species: Bruce

Position: Right Defender

Strengths: Guarding, Tackling, Tenacity

Weaknesses: Scoring, Passing.

Name: Tandrak Shaye

Species: Gelert

Position: Right Forward

Strengths: Consistency, Passing, Guarding

Weaknesses: Injury-prone, Scoring.

Name: Kep Bonnefie

Species: Buzz

Position: Left Defender

Strengths: Tackling, Stealing the ball, Experience

Weaknesses: Scoring, Strength.

Name: Reshar Collifey

Species: Jetsam

Position: Goalkeeper

Strengths: Quickness, Good Hands, Energy

Weaknesses: Inexperience.


Team Darigan Citadel is something of a powerhouse team in the Altador Cup. Team Darigan participated in the Altador Cup from 2006 to 2014.

Best placement: 1st (2007) Worst placement: 9th (2016)

In 2006, the team was nominated for the Best Offensive Team, Best Defensive Team, and Most Exciting to Watch awards, but it didn't win any of them.


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