The Darigan Citadel is a sub sector of Meridell in Neopia on
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Site Description

" An ancient floating citadel hangs in the air above Meridell. It is ruled by the (once evil) Lord Darigan."


Darigan Citadel was once a peaceful prosporous land thanks to a magical orb. However, the orb was stolen by Meridell without a struggle since the land had no military, as they had never been to war.


The Battle for Meridell

In the orb's abscence, the people and land became cursed, and their minds and appearance began to warp. Lord Darigan created an army and managed to steal back the orb, but something wasn't right. The Orb was not undoing the curse. Eventually it's power and The Three corrupted Lord Darigan's heart, mind and body, turning him into a fearsome beast until the orb was destroyed, seemingly destroying Lord Darigan.

Many years later, Lord Kass took over the Citadel and waged war on Meridell under the influence of The Three, breaking the truce between the lands, only for Lord Darigan to resurface, regain his memories, come out of hiding, and defeat Kass in a one on one battle before taking his throne back, and making peace with Meridell

Altador Cup

See Darigan Citadel Team for full information

The Darigan team never places lower than 7th place, and boasts a good offense and defense. They thus have a large following.

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