The Daily Puzzle is a daily feature which began April 26, 2007, when Neopets was redesigned with Neopets 2.0. Initially displayed on the website's front page, it was later relocated to the Pet Central page on May 1, 2008.

The Daily Puzzle is updated almost every day with a new Neopets-related multiple-choice question. If the user answers correctly, they are awarded a set prize of Neopoints, and occasionally an item.


  • There was a glitch for the April 30, 2007 question where some users chose Dark Faerie Apple as the answer and got it correct. The correct answer was switched halfway through the day.
  • The Editorial in Neopian Times issue 293 states if the Daily Puzzle question doesn't change, it's not cheating to answer it again the following day.
  • The Daily Puzzle was temporary brought down on March 18, 2008 due to a minor makeover on the home page of Neopets. It was later relocated to Pet Central on May 1, 2008.

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