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Dailydare 2012 v2

The Daily Dare is an annual game challenge brought to you by AAA, Abigail and Lulu. In 2012 (year 14), the challenges will run from March 7th to March 25th.

For more information on how the challenges work, see the main Daily Dare article.

Games and Their Scores

Abigail's Score Mar 7-8 Snowmuncher 1,024 2,538

Mar 9 Carnival of Terror

(Team challenge open from March 9 to 11:59pm NST March 11) 245 354

Mar 10 Destruct-O-Match 3 983 1,547 Mar 11 Meepit Juice Break 521 1,860

(wearable) Mar 12 Cooty Wars 286 670

Mar 13 Gwyl's Great Escape 324 890

Mar 14 Wrath of the Snowager 18,964 186,472

Mar 15 Super Hasee Bounce 386 840

Mar 16 Kou-Jong

(Team challenge open from March 16 to 11:59pm NST March 18) 156 493

Mar 17 Ice Cream Machine 1,765 6,045

Mar 18 Sophie's Stew 85 262

Mar 19 Shenkuu Warrior II 19,234 69,543

Mar 20   

Ghost Bopper 94 336

Mar 21 Smug Bug Smite 476 556

Mar 22 Trouble at the National Neopian 230 527

Mar 23 Sutek's Tomb

(Team challenge open from March 23 to 11:59pm NST March 25) 548 3,574

Mar 24 Meerca Chase 2 158 390

Mar 25 Faerie Bubbles 304 976

Games Room Bugs

While fixing the high-pitched noised Games Room machine, you find a random number of bugs wandering around the page. Clicking on these bugs, awards you with one of the below items. You are only allowed to collect the first 10 bugs you click on daily.

Bug Prizes - Random 10 items daily Angelpuss Ant Eaten Hot Dog Awesome Blumaroo Battles Baby Blu

Baby Tomatoes Bagel and Egg Sandwich Bag of Broken Neopoints Bag Of Sugar

Banana Blumaroo Biscuit Banana Blumaroo Waffles Black Cherry Pastry Wrap Blueberry Roll

Blue Blumaroo Jigsaw Puzzle Blue Blumaroo Keyring Blumaroo Gnome-in-the-box Blumaroo Gnome Making Kit

Blumaroo Burrito Blumaroo Sugar Skull Carton of Orange Juice Celery

Cheesy Baked Apple Core Chewing Dung Chocolate Perfume Dandergum

Day In The Life Of King Roo Dicearoo for Beginners Dirt Hole Dirt Pie

Edible Smelly Gym Socks Fleaf Plushie Gooey Bug Soup Green Grapes

Half-eaten Candy Floss Half Eaten Rubber Mallard Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowball Jam Scone

King Roo Painting Lemon Bumbluz Lolly Lightmite Keyring Mootix Farm

Mouldy Petpet Bed Mouldy Potato Roo Island Magazine Roo Island Snowglobe

Petpetpet Eating Plant Raspberry Blumaroo Cone Purple Blumaroo Plushie Rotten Beetroot

Rubbish Dump Background Small Unidentified Skull Spilt Coffee Spoiled Sphinx Links

Squeaky Larnikin Toy Stagnant Puddle of Water Stale Bread Tiny Candy Assortment

Veespa Watermelon Worm Infested Cheese Yellow Blumaroo Balloon

The Case of the Missing King

Mall dd adventure5pack
Mall dd adventure13pack

Lulu's challenge, known as the Case of the Missing King, is an adventure in order to find the whereabouts of the missing King Roo. Participants vote for her next action, and the most popular action happens the following day. The prizes given are determined by what the voters chose to happen that day.

As always, Lulu's optional challenges involve Neocash. You must buy and activate a The Case of the Missing King Adventure Book 5-Page Pack (500 NC) or 13-Page Pack (1200 NC) to get these prizes. The pack must be activated in order to be used.

You must visit Lulu to activate a page and make a choice. The item will be given to you the following day. You can collect prizes from days that have passed, but you need to activate your page for the day before the prize you want was given out.

You are able to complete this adventure challenge on side accounts, since it involves no game scores being sent.

ParticipantLulus Adventure SatchelMall dd lulusatchel
Day 1Roo Island Throne Room BackgroundMall dd roothronebg
Day 2Overstuffed Larnikin Handheld PlushieMall dd larnikinplushie
Day 3Giant Plate of JellyMall dd neopetinjelly
Day 4Exploding Pillow ForegroundMall dd pillowfg
Day 5Alien Abduction BackgroundMall dd alienabductbg
Day 6Curly Dark WigMall dd frenchmaidwig
Day 7Menacing Clockwork Grundos TrinketMall dd clockworkfg
Day 8Clockwork WingsMall dd clockworkwings

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