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While some heroes are born, others are created by circumstances that most Neopians could have never dreamed possible. Such is the case of the young Cybunny Cylara, whose family vacation at the Space Station suffered an unfortunate turn of events when Dr. Sloth appeared. Separated from her family, Cylara encountered Gorix, a member of an underground resistance group that had been constantly preparing for this very event. Cylara and her newfound friend almost met their end at the hands of Dr. Sloth's bounty hunters, but they managed to escape to the Neopian moon of Kreludor, where an even bigger task awaited them...

Cylara is a young Cybunny who was separated from her family in the midst of an invasion of the Virtupets Space Station by none other than Dr. Frank Sloth's commandos. Due to a case of mistaken identity, she meets Gorix, a Grundo who is a member of a resistance group that knew this invasion would one day come. Cylara and Gorix set out to find Cylara's family, who is in the company of the scout Gorix was originally seeking.

You can read more about Cylara in the Neopedia here.

Commander Gormos was sent by Dr. Sloth to get rid of Gorix and Cylara. (Answer to the Daily Puzzle on the 18th day of Swimming, Y9.)


Moon Rock Rampage

You play either Gorix or Cylara as you help them find the parts of their ship lost when they crashed You must avoid the lava pits and the monsters, while gathering the parts to the ship. You can play here.

Time Tunnel

You play Gorix and Cylara as they try to open a mysterious door. You must work out the secret code which opens the door. You can play here

Escape to Kreludor

You must help Gorix and Cylara escape from the evil Dr. Sloth by defeating the Virtupets Fighters. Along the way you need to collect the gems and avoid the comets. You can play here.

Legends of Pinball

Gorix and Cylara appear in level 2 of this game. You must hit them with the ball enough times to send them to orbit. You can play here.


There are 6 items associated with Cylara;

Cylara (TCG)
Cylara Plushie
Cylara Poster
Cylara Usuki
Gorix and Cylara Coin
The Life of Cylara


Gallery of Heroes: Cylara

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