The Culinary Concoctions is a location in Shenkuu similar to the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island. This Pot has you mix three ingredients to see if you can make something

Culinary Concoctions as seen in Shenkuu

cool and new, though no one has yet to discover anything from it. This pot is actually more properly known as the Magic Cooking Vessel, and it's owned by an Orange Blumaroo named Chef Bonju. He was a character introduced in the Cyodrake's Gaze plot and is known for pushing Hoban overboard the ship.

Chef Bonju and his Avatar

An Avatar has been discovered relating to Chef Bonju, and to get it you must go to Culinary Concoction's counterpart (the Cooking Pot) in Mystery Island. Set the Mad About Orange Avatar as your preferenced choice, and then put Blumaroo Steak, Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet, and Orange Juice into the pot. Please note that this Avatar is only available during some point in August.

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Culinary Concoctions

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