Commander Garoo
Nptcg garoo
Name Commander Garoo
home Virtupets Space Station
Profession Commander under Dr. Sloth
Species Roo
Gender Male
Alignment Evil

Commander Garoo is a evil Blumaroo who works for Dr Frank Sloth.


80x80 icon
Gallery of Evil Description

Nobody knows really how Garoo ascended through the ranks of Sloth's evil army so quickly, perhaps it was his mean temper, foul attitude, and utter contempt for other Neopets that caught his master's eye. Within a matter of three years Garoo had been appointed chief commander of Sloth's impending invasion, and subsequent capture of a race of small multi-coloured aliens known as Grundos...

This mean-spirited Blumaroo has not been seen since Sloth was defeated, and the Virtupets empire crumbled, however when his master returns to power we can assure you that it will not be long before Garoo comes out of hiding...

He is featured in the series one in Defenders of Neopia, part 6.

Garoo has only been in one plot, Return of Dr. Sloth  where he and his elite garoo squadron took over the space station. However, he was eventually defeated by The Resistance.


Unlike most of Sloth's subordinates, he appears to be completely loyal to Sloth, rather than being influenced by promises of power or money. He is strict and cold-hearted. He is noted to have a bad temper, and contempt towards his fellow Neopians.


  • Commander Garoo seems to be the icon for the battledome boards.


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