"Those who are foolish enough to stand against our might... ...will FALL!"

– Commander Flint's words during the "Brute Squad" trailer

Commander Flint
Large 243 FLINT
Name Commander Flint
home Formerly Altador
Profession Military Commander
Species Skeith
Gender Male
Alignment Good

Commander Flint is one of the characters in The Mysterious Obelisk plot. He is affiliated with and the leader of Brute Squad.


Commander Flint once served King Altador's military, but after the Fall of Faerieland plot, left to start a group of warriors dedicated to eradicicating evil plots before they are put into motion.


Flint is an orange Skeith. He has a small tan ponytail hair sticking out of his helmet and he has a full beard on his face. He wears armor with him. He weilds a flail and a shield with notches.


  • Combat: Flint is a strong soldier, skilled in battle with years of experience through King Altador's military. His stats can be found here.


  • There are 33 notches on Commander Flint's shield.
  • Various quotes indicate he may still live with his mother.


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