Visit Coltzan's Shrine in the Lost Desert, and he may give your Neopet a gift!
  1. Go to the shrine.
  2. Approach the shrine.
  3. See what happens. Sometimes something good happens. Other times, nothing happens.

Possible results:

  • Receive food. Mostly Lost Desert food and sometimes it is a burnt piece of food (thanks, Coltzan...)
  • Recieve Battledome equipment. Some are not really worth using, and not really worth selling. There are decent newbie weapons though, including;
    • Coltzan's gem (1np)
    • Serf Lens(1np)
  • Coltzans sceptre (JACKPOT!!!)* only 1 is known to exist, it is very very rare that these are given out*
  • Receive dubloons.
  • Feel richer. Coltzan gives you some money. It is possible to get a million neopoints, this only happens at midnight NST and only to 1 user each day at this time.
  • Raise a Neopet's stats.
    • Strength (1)
    • Defense (1)
    • HP (1)
    • Strength (10)
    • Agility (1)
  • Nothing! Unfortunately, you do not always get something. :(

You can visit Coltzan's shrine twice per day.



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