In Earth's northern hemisphere, the tenth month is October, and it's late fall -- time for gathering in the harvest for winter. The October moon is called the Harvest moon in some places. Similarly, on Neopia, the tenth month is known as the Month of Collecting.

Annual Events in the Month of Collecting

4 - Grarrl Day
10 - Eyrie Day
13 - Bori Day
16 - Jetsam Day
23 - Symol Day
26 - Korbat Day
31 - A grand night for the not so good Neopians. Magic and witchery are everywhere today.

Special Events

  • Halloween (See the related Halloween article.)

External References

The Neopian Calendar has the following 12 months: Sleeping, Awakening, Running, Eating, Hunting, Relaxing, Swimming, Hiding, Gathering, Collecting, Storing, Celebrating

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