Lu codestone drawing

A drawing of a Lu codestone.

A codestone may be found lying around on the ground in Neopia, found at the Deserted Tomb, as a prize for playing Key Quest, or won at the Tombola.

You can use codestones to pay for training for your pets at the Mystery Island Training School.

Types of Codestones

There are two main types of codestones: regular codestones, and red codestones.

The 10 regular codestones are as follows: Bri Codestone, Eo Codestone, Har Codestone, Lu Codestone, Main Codestone, Mau Codestone, Orn Codestone, Tai-Kai Codestone, Vo Codestone, and Zei Codestone.

The six red codestones are as follows: Cui Codestone, Kew Codestone, Mag Codestone, Sho Codestone, Vux Codestone and Zed Codestone, but you must collect the normal codestones and go to the training school before you can advance to the volcano with your red codestones.

Constantly Changing Prices

The prices of codestones are always changing. During neopian wars, the prices of codestones will rise by a few thousand due to the rush of neopets preparing for battle. Codestone prices are always fluctuating and their price has been inflated by incredible amounts recently due to the Obelisk War.

Normal Codestones

You should be able to find codestones with the values listed below, by using the Shop Wizard. The following prices are rough estimates (as of 1/18/2014).

Listed in ascending order of price:

Main Codestone2600
Mau Codestone2500
Orn Codestone2700
Bri Codestone3300
Tai-Kai Codestone3200

Har Codestone

Zei Codestone4200
Eo Codestone9200
Lu Codestone6800
Vo Codestone5500

NOTE: Codestone prices, however, are expected to fall soon, in the aftermath of the Obelisk war.

Red Codestones

Red codestones are estimated to be around these prices as of 1/18/2014.

Cui Codestone19500
Kew Codestone20000
Mag Codestone


Sho Codestone6000
Vux Codestone19700
Zed Codestone



Normal Codestones

Red Codestones

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