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Clara Chatham, an intelligent and enthusiastic student from the Shenkuu Lunar Temple, has already become world-famous for her discovery of the underground world of Moltara alongside Roxton Colchester III. She has an unusual figure for a Wocky, being taller and slimmer than the pet's traditional stocky build as well as preferring to walk on only her hind paws. Clara is the able assistant of the Wise Gnorbu who runs the Lunar Temple in Shenkuu. She often manages to find things that her elderly master misplaces around the temple, and is his star pupil. When the Wise Gnorbu discovered something was wrong with Neopia, she insisted that she went with Roxton on a mission to save the planet, claiming she wasn't afraid of a little danger. Clara is originally from Brightvale, and volunteered in the royal library there. She moved to Shenkuu along with the rest of her family.

Bits and Pieces

Species : Wocky

Occupation : Scholar

Talents : Making brilliant deductions, putting up with brash adventurers.

Quotes : "Have you got any better ideas, Mr. Adventurer?" "I'm not afraid of a little danger."



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