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Chuffer Bob is a Meerca who loves to eat, and even lists his occupation as "Official Food Taster" with a hobby of "eating. Because of his love of food he must wear a belt around his stomach to hold it in, has been quoted saying "Caution: This body makes extra wide turns!!!".

You can read about him here. He also has a Snorkle as a Petpet called Beefy.



He is a competitor in the game of Cheat!, and is fairly good, however when he gets hungry he can't concentrate, which is his downfall. People like to play against Chuffer Bob because it's easy to know when he is cheating! You can play against him in the second round here.

The Search for Princess Lunara

Q - What is the name of Chuffer Bob the Meerca's Snorkle?
A - Beefy


  • Chuffer Bob
  • Chuffer Bob Battlecard
  • Gold Chuffer Bob Battlecard
  • Silver Chuffer Bob Battlecard

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