The Chokato is a Tropical Food item available here on Mystery Island.

This tasty veggie mixed with chocolate and tomato is great for a snack.

You can learn how to draw a Chokato here.


Both the Chia and the Kiko can be Chokate Style. The Chia looks like this, and the Kiko like this. This can be achieved through a Fountain Faerie Quest, or through feeding you Kiko or Chia a Magical Chokato Chia Pop


If you refresh your inventory while you have the "Chokato (TCG)" there you will receive the Chokato Avatar. This may take some time! This item costs around 3,500,000NP.

If you are lucky enough to restock a "Deluxe Strawberry Toffee Chokato" at the Chocolate Factory here, you will receive the Chocolate! Avatar.


There are over 80 items associated with the Chokato. The vegetable itself costs around 800,000NP.

Food - Chokato Biscuit, Chokato CrepeChokato Croissant                                                                      Furniture - Chokato Bean Bag                                                                                                                         Other - Chokato Chia Balloon, Growing Chokato

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