Chocolate is a well loved treat in Neopia with over 650 chocolate related items. There are cookies, cakes, pizza and omelettes to eat, as well as chocolate related books to read and chocolate related items to wear. Many people try to collect them all, so good luck if that is your 


Chocolate is celebrated on September 15th with the Annual Chocolate Ball. On this day new chocolate pets and petpets often become available, as do new items. If you are lucky, the Art Gallery also releases some new chocolatey images!

Chocolate Pets and Petpets

You can only get Chocolate Pets through the Lab Ray or a Fountain Faerie quest. A list of all possible chocolate pets can be found on the colour's page.

Chocolate Petpets are, again, only available through the Lab Ray. As with the neopets, a list of these is also found on the colour's page.

These Petpets CANNOT be removed from your pet once zapped. If you do remove it, the petpet will revert back to its original state. Therefore the petpets cannot be bought.


If you buy an Item with a rarity of 90 or higher at the Chocolate Factory here, you will receive the Chocolate! Avatar.


Cooking Pot

Chocolates + Asparagus = Chocolate Asparagus
Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter + Cherry Pie = Chococherry Surprise
Sausage and Cheese Roll + Chocolate Neodrops = Chokato Wrap
Hot Chocolate + Asparagus = Cup of Hot Borovan
White Chocolate Chia + Chocolate Chia Truffle = Deluxe Chocolate Chia
Hot Soup + Chocolate Milkshake = Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Cake + Icy Negg = Ice Chocolate Cake
Thornberry + Chocolate Chip Cookie = Thorn Cookies

Key Quest

There is a special Chocolate board for Key Quest (you can play here). To play this board you will need to join/create a 3-4 player game in Neopia Central. At random the board may become the chocolate board. You can see a picture of the board here.

Search for Princess Lunara

One of the questions in the Neopian Culture Section is:"Which Neopian fruit tastes like chocolate and tomato?" The answer is Chokato.

Ice Cream Machine

This game is all about avoiding Ice Cream scoops, and there are many links to chocolate through the flavour of the ice-cream scoops:
Level 3 - Chocolate
Level 6 - Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Level 7 - Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate
Level 9 - Vanilla Chocolate Swirl
Level 10 - Double Chocolate

Chocolate topping on the icecream will give you 2 times the points of a normal scoop.


Type strawberryvanillachocolate to gain an extra life.

You can play the game here.

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