Magic apple chiapop

Magic Apple Chia Pop

Chia Pops are like magical plushies in some respects, because they will change your Chia's appearance when eaten into the flavour of that Chia Pop.

Note: It must be a Magical Chia Pop. Regulars won't work; most of them are called "Non-Magical Chia Pops." Real Magical Chia Pops are unbuyable and can fetch very high prices on the Trading Post, a way of exchanging items. Most Chia Pops will only work on Chias and will not transform another species into a Chia. Also, only food-flavored Chia Pops will work on transforming Chias. Rainbow pops will not make them rainbow! For that, you need a Rainbow Paint Brush.

There is no Magical Chocolate Chia Pop, so if you want a chocolate Chia, you must turn it chocolate the same way that you turn any other neopet chocolate. The same goes for the custard color.

Gallery/List of flavors

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