Cheeseroller is a Luck&Chance/Puzzle game from Meridell on Neopets.

Site Description

" It's the new craze sweeping Neopia – buy your cheese from the cheese shop, and then see how fast you can run down a hill with it. It's that simple! If you manage to get down the hill in under a minute, you get to keep the cheese! "

Type of cheese

Spicy Juppie Cheese - 150np

Smoked Snorkle Cheese - 300np

Triple Mustard Cheese - 450np

Honey Cheese - 600np

Big Beefy Cheese - 750np

Purple Spotted Cheese - 900np

Brain Cheese - 1,050np

Alkenore Cheese - 1,200np

Mutated Cheese - 1,350np

Bubbling Blueberry Cheese - 1,500np

Tyrannian Dung Cheese - 1,650np

Quadruple Fudge Cheese - 1,800np

Brick Cheese - 1950np

Gooey Snot Cheese - 2100np

Peppermint Cheese - 2250np

Overgrown Cheese - 2400np

Heavy Bark Cheese - 2550np

Warty Blue Cheese - 2700np

Fragrant Ummagcheese - 2850np

Furry Chocomint Cheese - 3000np 


  • This game has an unknown NP ratio
  • This game has an average difficulty of 2.8
  • This game has a medal for 500 thousand plays
  • If you finish this game in less than a minute, you may recieve an avatar!

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