Though Caylis and Isca are sisters who were rescued by King Kelpbeard after the initial destruction of Maraqua, the two siblings could not be more different. While Isca is blessed with the gift of foresight through her dreams, Caylis is tormented by nightmares of unavoidable disasters. The citizens of New Maraqua blamed Caylis for these disasters, which led to King Kelpbeard forcing her into exile. As a result, Caylis became more sullen and bitter as she wept in the cold depths of the ocean, utterly alone.

Caylis, however, did prove her worth during the attack by Captain Scarblade on New Maraqua. Unbeknownst to others, Caylis had learned to harness her strange powers, which aided the Maraquans in turning the tide of battle against the evil pirate captain. In honour of her services, King Kelpbeard invited Caylis back into the kingdom of Maraqua. She declined, though, preferring to live out her life alone.

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