Captain Scarblade
Lg captain scarblade
Name Captain Scarblade
home The Sea
Possibly Krawk Island
Profession Pirate
Species Lupe
Gender Male
Alignment Evil
There are some evils in this world, so vile and intense, that people fear to even speak their name. One such tormentor is Captain Scarblade, notorious captain of the Revenge.


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Gallery of Evil Description

Notorious captain of the wicked ship Revenge, just the name Captain Scarblade strikes fear into the heart of every sea-faring Neopian. Self-proclaimed ruler of the five seas of Neopia, Scarblade makes good on his promise that all the riches in the sea are his for the taking. No merchant vessel is safe from his menace while he is on the water; nor port when his ship is at berth. Even other pirates rightfully fear his black sails, because this pirate captain does not share his seas.

Not much is known about his past, and no one dares to ask. The only thing the average Neopian wants to know about this particular Lupe is how to avoid him.

Captain Scarblade suffered a rare defeat during his latest attack on Maraqua. The Maraquans knew the evil captain would never let them live in peace, so they prepared for the day when he would return to make sure Maraqua stayed destroyed. Though he has been driven back for now, no one doubts that Scarblade will one day return to finish what he started. He is part of the Doom Squad in the upcoming Neopets game.


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