Capara is a red Kyrii who used to work as a shop keeper, but was let go due to a "bad attitude" and selling rotten oranges. She now spends her time playing Cheat!. Capara loves trying out new hair care products, and can often be seen bushing, or caring for her hair.

You can read about her here.

Related Games


She is a competitor in the game of Cheat!, and is fairly bad! People like to play against Capara because it's easy to know when she is cheating! She uses all her feminine wiles to try and trick her way through, but still nearly always loses. You can play against her in the first round here.


If you catch Capara cheating while playing Cheat!, then go on to win the first round you may get the Capara Avatar. You may not get this avatar first time.


  • Capara
  • Capara Battlecard
  • Caparas Battledeck
  • Cheat by Capara
  • Gold Capara Battlecard
  • Silver Capara Battlecard

Plot Appearance

Capara had a key involvement in the Brucey B and the Lucky Coin Plot, along with her friend Princess Fernypoo. You can read more about this here

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