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Cactopus Cream
is the cream made from the oil extract of Cactopus. By rubbing Cactopus Cream on the affected skin area, people can cure reptillioritus.

Reptillioritus can be caused by either bitten by a snake, or by touching the scarabs. If your neopets has got reptillioritus, they will have the following symptoms:

  1. Their skin will become very red and itchy;
  2. They will refuse to eat;
  3. They will feel very tired all the time.

If you do not have your pet get cured within a week, they will feel extremely painful.

The current price of Cactopus Cream is around 99,500 NP.


You can also go to the Healing Springs to be cured for free by chance.

Wiki Neopedia ID: Hebrew (עברית): Dutch:
中文: 仙人掌油 Babyish:Käktoupùs Krīm

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