Brynneth (often shortened to Brynn) is a soldier from Brightvale, who was sent to Faerieland by King Hagan to investigate why the Faeries had turned to stone. She has caught and imprisoned Hanso the thief many times before, starting on her first day. Over the years, trusting Hanso has put her in danger of losing her job. After defeating Xandra, she was given the additional title of Captain of the Guard in Faerieland. Fyora gave her the job of hunting down dangerous Faerie artefacts with Hanso.


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The question of right versus wrong has always been an important one to this brave Kougra knight of the Brightvale Guards. Brynn began to rethink her way of looking at the world, though, when she met a thief named Hanso, who while basically good-hearted, was still a criminal. Even though she was bound by duty to arrest him, Brynn couldn't help but forge a friendship with Hanso, in spite of their many differences. When all of Neopia was threatened, Brynn's courage and sense of duty helped to defeat Xandra and undo the curse put on the faeries, a feat that earned her a position as Captain of Queen Fyora's Guards.

It was Brynn's childhood dream to join the Brightvale Guard, and from an early age, she dedicated her efforts to being accepted into their ranks. Those efforts paid off when Brynn became one of the youngest knights to serve in King Hagan's guards. Of course, she was given ample opportunity to regret her choice after her first day, when an Ixi thief named Hanso tried to pick her pocket. She caught him and arrested him immediately, but he escaped that night, starting a cycle of trouble for Brynn's otherwise illustrious career. Thus when she ran into him while investigating the disastrous Faerie Festival in Year 12, Brynn was understandably a little exasperated.

Yet experience had taught her to trust the slippery Ixi, even when King Altador and King Jazan were sceptical. Together they were able to drive back the wraiths that plagued Neopia long enough to help the sorceress Xandra complete her ritual to save Faerieland, only to find that Xandra was not in fact working to help the faeries at all.

Devastated by the betrayal, Brynn nevertheless rallied with Hanso to stop Xandra. While Brynn defeated Xandra's enormous shadow monster, Oblivion, Hanso sacrificed himself to stop the sorceress. Brynn was crushed to find him turned to stone. Thankfully, Queen Fyora was able to reverse the spell. As a reward for her courage in the face of great danger, Queen Fyora named Brynn captain of her guard. Rumour has it that King Hagan was quite gracious about the transfer, as it meant that Hanso would also be moving to Faerieland to assist Brynn with her new task.

Since then, with Hanso's help, Brynn has worked tirelessly to find and deactivate numerous dangerous faerie artefacts all over Neopia, securing them deep in the vaults of the royal castle in Faerie City. Chasing evil sorcerers and misguided maniacs is a bit harder than catching thieves, but Brynn is happy to help Queen Fyora keep order. "Most faerie artefacts are relics from long ago, when Neopia was a very different place. They don't belong here now. It's my honour to make sure Neopia is safe for Neopets and faeries alike."



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