Bringerofnight GOE
The Bringer of Night is a Moehog demigod of death and destruction. This anicient Moehog once waged a terrible war against an ancient Bori civilisation. The Bori civilisation themselves in ice to escape him, so he was laid to rest in a Lost Desert tomb. Unrelenting and impossible to be reasoned with, he has no compassion, and is only interested is destroying everything in his path. In addition to being large, imposing and powerful, he has the power to summon an army of undead warriors during the night, which disappears when the sun comes up.

He became one of the antagonists of Hannah and the Ice Caves plot after the sarcophagus in which he was imprisoned was retrieved to aid Galem Darkhand in obtaining a priceless, magical jewel deep inside of Terror Mountain, that the Bringer wanted himself. Eventually after being frozen by the magical Heart of the Mountain, he was shattered into thousands of pieces by the little Bori, Armin.

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