Bouncy Supreme there is a part of Jelly World where the Jelly isn't as tasty as it should be. An
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inhospitable place, filled with Jelly Volcanoes, rivers of Jelly Lava and ominous Jelly Clouds.

In Bouncy Supreme you play the part of a rather unlucky Jelly Blumaroo who has bounced his way a bit too far away from home, and really wants to get back. Unfortunately a gigantic Pterodactyl has spied his lunch...

To play you have to bounce from pillar to pillar using the mouse to set the direction of travel, and how far you wish to bounce. Use the left mouse button to bounce. The first couple of jumps should be easy as there will be a visible guide on the screen. This will go after a few bounces however, then you're on your own.

Collect coins for extra points, and beware of the Pterodactyl... if you take too long, he'll arrive, and he has brought his own ice-cream and sprinkles.