Bottled Faeries are items bottled by Balthazar the Bounty Hunter and sold and found around Neopia, as in Kauvara's Magic Shop for a very high price, Tiki Tack Tombola for winning, in random events, At 6:00 AM Neopian Standard Time (Pacific Time) every Wednesday, Balthazar likes to donate a lot of Bottled Faeries at the Money Tree. They are used to give your neopet Battledome abilities. There are currently six kinds of Bottled Faeries that exist in Neopia. The Bottled Grey Faerie has not yet been released to the public yet.

Bottled faeries

Changing Prices

The prices of Bottled Faeries are constantly changing. As of October 21st, 2011, the Super Shop Wizard has indicated that the following bottled faeries are going for the following prices:
Bottled Air Faerie - 1,300 neopoints
Bottled Dark Faerie - 2,200 neopoints
Bottled Earth Faerie - 2,000 neopoints
Bottled Fire Faerie - 2,000 neopoints
Bottled Light Faerie - 1,200 neopoints
Bottled Water Faerie - 1,800 neopoints

There is also an unreleased Bottled Grey Faerie.


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