Correct Pronounciation:
Name Boochi
Species Bruce
Gender Male
Alignment Unknown
 Boochi is one of the many Random Events you can encounter in Neopia.


Boochi is a Baby-painted neopet. He is pink with a red bow around his neck, and his head is disproportionate to his body.


No one is quite certain how to categorise Boochi. Some see a visit from Boochi, which transforms them into an adorable baby, as a wonderful gift. Others, however, cringe at the thought and get jumpy with the mere mention of this Bruce.

Most agree, though, that whether good or evil, he is certainly mischievous. You never know when you will encounter Boochi. He may jump out of a bush and fire his ray gun at you on the way to the market tomorrow, or perhaps he'll never cross your path at all. Either way, you are wished the best of luck - regardless of which fate you desire.


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