There are actually a set of Battledomes or areas where pets can fight... against each other or the bad guys.

Factors like strength, HP, and defense help you win battles. Buying decent weapons will also enable you to fight better. You can fight against other Neopians as well as CPU opponents known as one player challengers.

In the Battledome, you select two (out of a maximum of eight) equipped weapons in addition to a stance or ability simultaneously with your opponent in a multiple turn game. Whoever reaches zero hit points (commonly referred to as HP) loses the battle. "Take on all comers in the Battledome! Whether you’re up against your sworn enemy or just practicing with a friend, the Battledome is a great place to hone your fighting skills. It’s not for the faint of heart, though, so be sure that your Neopet is up for the challenge!" You unlock more CPU characters by events, items and more.

The Domes

The Rattling Cauldron in the Haunted Woods

The Frost Arena in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain

The Pango Palladium of Mystery Island

The Neocola Centre of the Virtupets Space Station

The Dome of the Deep in Maraqua

The Ugga Dome of Tyrannia

The Central Arena of Neopia Central

The Cosmic Dome of Premium


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