Large 7
Name Balthazar
home Haunted Woods
Profession Bounty Hunter
Faerie Catcher
Species Lupe
Gender Male
"Catching faeries all day is exhausting, so I like to unwind here on Terror Mountain, helping out the local villagers. It's community service, you know, really rewarding stuff. You should try it!"

– Balthazar showing his nicer side

As a pup, Balthazar the Bounty Hunter is a bounty hunter who specializes in catching faeries and selling them to magic shops for profit.Balthazar is a Lupe.


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Gallery of Evil Description

Balthazar the Lupe was abandoned by his family on the edge of the Haunted Woods as a child. He crawled, hungry and thirsty, through the twisted forest until he came upon a clearing. He could see purple lights in the distance - darkness faeries. As he asked for help they started to giggle, and then to cackle, and all of a sudden they started picking up stones and twigs and threw them at the poor Lupe. Balthazar had no choice but to run away, yelping and crying.

He somehow managed to survive in the woods, living for years alone, and he never forgot what the faeries did to him that day... Balthazar is now a bounty hunter, capturing young faeries in his magical bottles... and selling them for huge profits.

He got lost in the Haunted Woods as a pup and asked some dark faeries for help. Instead. the mischievous creatures laughed at the young neopet and threw stones at him. Balthazar has never forgotten that day, and as his revenge, he catches and sells faeries!

During the faeries Ruin Plot, a Neopedia article was released revealing that he was overjoyed by the faeries being turned to stone. He is also shown to enjoy eating Petpets.


Game: Extreme Herder, Extreme Herder 2


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