Bagatelle is a game that can be found in the Deserted Fairground.
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Game Guide

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If you think you are up to the challenge, just make a visit to Harker's stand and pay up 250 NPs. He will throw a poor Mootix onto the Bagatelle board and it will bounce down the board and land in a slot. The slots to the right are the lower prizes, and the slots towards the left are the best. You can only try 20 times a day though, as that Mootix gets tired fast.

In case you hadn't noticed, that cheap Lupe has placed a few books underneath the stand, causing the Mootix to fall to the right... right into the stinky prizes.

  • Slot 1: Nothing!
  • Slot 2: 5 NP
  • Slot 3: 50 NP
  • Slot 4: 250 NP
  • Slot 5: 1,000 NP
  • Slot 6: 2,000 NP
  • Slot 7: 3,000 NP
  • Slot 8: 4,000 NP
  • Slot 9: 5,000 NP
  • Slot 10: 10,000 NP
  • Slot 11: 20,000 NP
  • Slot 12-15: Random Prize
  • Slot 16: Jackpot!


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