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Babaas are easily scared and will hide under your Neopets bed when suprised.
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The Babaa is a Neopia Central Petpet on Neopets.


Weight: 1 lb.
Rarity: 73
Estimated Cost: 10,215 NP


  • Babaa Usuki Set
  • Babaa Chair
  • Babaa Pillow
  • Babaa Lamp
  • Babaa Love Poster
  • Babaa Care (book)
  • Babaa Tales
  • The Luckiest Babaa
  • My First Babaa
  • Babaa Lunch Box
  • Babaa Pencil Sharpener
  • Babaa Pencil Case
  • Babaa Eraser
  • Silver Babaa Coin
  • Babaa Toaster
  • Counting Babaas
  • Babaa Paperclip
  • Babaa (TCG)
  • Mutant Babaa (TCG)
  • Glowing Babaa (TCG)
  • Blue Babaa (TCG)
  • Babaa Stowaway Plushie


  • Mini Blue Babaa Plushie

Cooking Pot

  • Unknown


  • Babaa - Maths Nightmare

Game Appearances

Available Colors

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