This new plot began on Thursday 15th October 2009 after much anticipation.  The Atlas of the Ancients can be found here, and follows Roxton, Jordie, and Clara Chatham "on a journey spanning Neopia".


Chapter 1

Released 15th October 2009

Two young Neopets are playing happily in a field when one says she must run home as her parents have warned her of "mysterious fire-breathing creatures" that "lurk around after dark". As they run off Master Gnorbu looks quizzical, and sniffs a flower. "Interesting" he says. Once home, Master Gnorbu talks to Clara Chatham, his assistant, and apprentice. He tells Clara about how people with a "trained eye" are able to see things "casual observers" can't. Clara finds a book about what Master Gnorbu is talking about, and he examines it. Master Gnorbu explains that the situation needs travel and exploration, something that he is unable to do due to his "weary old bones". He says her knows the right person for the job.

We then see Roxton Colchester on vacation with Jordie, his trusty sidekick. A message arrives for Roxton, and after reading he dashes to Master Gnorbu. Master Gnorbu thanks Roxton for willing to help, and explains that second best wouldn't do. He then goes on to say the journey will begin "in Shenkuu then proceed to the lands of Altador, Terror Mountain, and Faerieland. Since Master Gnorbu is unable to make the journey, he tells Roxton that Clara must go with them. Roxton tries to protest against the idea of having Clara tag along, explaining that there could be real danger. Clara states she isn't afraid of a little danger and Master Gnorbu says he insists, and that they are the terms. Roxton and Master Gnorbu shake on it, and Jordie runs off to pick up a few things.

The chapter ends with Roxton saying to Clara "Well Miss, I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into", to which she replies "Funny, I was just thinking the same thing..."

Chapter 2

Released 20th October 2009

Roxton, Jordie and Clara start their journey by looking for a boat. There is banter between Clara and Roxton, until they reach the boat rental stand. For the amount of Neopoints they offer they get a "boat, err... ship" which can not only get them through water, but also fly through the air. Clara starts looking at the map and tells Roxton that the most direct route to Altador will more than likely have severe storms. She suggests an alternative route, which would cost them a few more hours, but is more safe. Roxton retorts "if I needed a navigator I would've hired one in Shenkuu. Going an indirect route's gonna take forever... we're taking the direct route."

A few hours later the storm hits, and they start to go down. Clara points to a clearing and suggests to go that way. Once landing Clara states they should have found a real pilot in Shenkuu, Roxton ignores here and says they need to find shelter soon. The three adventurers end up in a cave where Clara is fascinated by the primitive drawings and markings on the cave ceiling. She suggests that a few of them look like fire creatures, perhaps relatives of the Flaming Meerca. Roxton tells Clara off for telling Jordie a Faerie tale about the Creature, and suggests they get back to saving Neopia. Roxton starts explaining about the storm outside, how its no ordinary storm when they hear "Grrrrrr..." Jordie asks "What's that", to which Roxton he says he doesn't know, but he's fairly sure that whatever it is it's not interested in having roommates. At that moment red eyes are shown in the cave...

Roxton yells "RUN!!" and the chapter ends showing Roxton, Jordie and Clara running out of the cave screaming.

Chapter 3

Released 23rd October 2009

The chapter starts by showing us a fisherman falling into the sea due to the heavy waves (presumably due to the storm?). He is rescued by Roxton, Jordie and Clara, and thanks them while saying that he has fished for years, and he has "never seen anything like these waves".

Back on the safety of land Clara tells Rocton that she has been studying the tome, and how she thinks she found a passage that is a clue. ,br>

"The selfless hunter remains, one step ahead of the wanderer, and the guardian of the dawn".

She goes on to explain about the twelve heroes of Altador, and their constellations. She ponders if the riddle is something to do with "how the three heroes' constellations line up. She suggests they visit the Observatory. Roxton says it is a long short, but Clara says since there are no better ideas, the observatory it is. Later that evening they have still found nothing. Roxton looks smug, which angers Clara, as Clara says that at least she has a theory, unlike him. Roxton says he does have a theory...

Roxton explains he has been thinking about the passage, and believes the key is in the Hall of Heroes. We see Jordie running off as he knows where he "can get something to help the mission", he says he'll meet them at the Hall of Heroes when he is done. You see the three of them standing in the Hall of Heroes, and Ropxton saying "Now, we look around".

The chapter ends with Roxton saying "Hmmmmm..." There is a blue box on screen saying "Click here to help Roxton and the crew complete the first quest of their mission!". clicking on it takes you to the Hall of Heroes here.

Chapter 4

Released 27th October 2009

The chapter starts with Roxton being extremely smug about solving the last step, he then asks Clara where they need to go next. Clara explains the tome says Faerieland, which Roxton isn't happy about, he says its "a long story" when Clara asks what the matter is. As they arrive in Faerieland they ponder the next passage

"With thoughts on the seasons find the sources that lies beyond the seeker of peace"

Suddenly, Jordie gets hit by lightening, Roxton suggests taking him to the Healing Springs while they try and work out the passage. While Jordie is bathing in the Healing Springs, Roxton considers the passage... "Thoughts on the seasons... Let's see, there's summer, spr-wait, thats is! Spring! Spring's a season.." He rushes to the source, a golden statue, and picks it up.

SPLASH!! The Water Faerie isn't happy to see Roxton, and makes it clear that after the last time he was there he is no longer welcome. Clara says "We don't have time for this", and throws her Slushie onto the Water Faerie.

The chapter ends with our 3 adventurers running off hoping they don't need to revisit the springs, and perhaps they will visit Anshu in Shenkuu next time they need a healing.

Chapter 5

Released 29th October

Our adventurers are back on their ship chatting and looking at the Golden Statue. Roxton praises Clara for her quick thinking for saving him, which prompts Clara to explain that it wasn't about him, it was about Neopia. Jordie looks unwell and says he's "Going to go outside and try to regain some... colour". Clara investigates the statue and notices a button. She presses it and the statue opens up to reveal a mechanical device with a flower looking very similar to the one Master Gnorbu found in Chapter 1].

Roxton congratulates Clara and says to grab Jordie so they can go. You then see their ship getting caught in a lightening storm surrounded by enemies. Jordie asks "Are we nearly there yet?", Clara replies "Afraid not... This is just the beginning".

The chapter end with a clickable blue box saying "Click here to guide the crew safely to their next destination." Clicking on it takes you here, to Cloud Raiders

Chapter 6

Released 3rd November

Our adventurers have arrived at Terror Mountain, they see that the ice is melting, and say to each other that "Time is running out"..."Let's get moving"  They run up the mountain and despite being warned, Clara slips.  Roxton is able to grab her hand, and pulls her to safety.  "You're in good hands with me" Roxton jokes.  Later that night Clara sees what looks like a fireball racing across the sky.  She runs after it, and comes across a Moltenore, "It's no legendary fire creature... but it's certainly a rare site to be seen" says Roxton.

The Moltenore hands Clara a flower, which she says looks very familiar.  Roxton says he's seen them alot lately..."at every place this tomb(...) has been sending us."  The chapter ends with Roxton and Clara questioning if it's a coincidence.

Chapter 7

Still in Terror Mountain, Clara mentions to Roxton and Jordie that the tome mentions a "Crystal Solution".  Roxton thinks they are referring to the "Heart of the Mountain", a place that did "protect the Bori for centuries and helped defeat the Bringer of Night".  Clara and Jordie think he's right, and once there Clara notices the markings on the walls, she says they are similar to those in the tomb.

Jordie suddenly notices a horn frozen in the ice, which Roxton thinks is what they are looking for. Our adventurers comment on the random items they keep finding, and ask what they should do with them.  Jordie starts playing the horn "Brraaauup".  Suddenly loud noises echo all around them, An avalanche hits... "aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" yell the three. "Quick, up the tree".  The avalanche passes by, leaving Roxton, Clara, and Jordie safe.  "That was a close call" remarks Roxton.

The Chapter ends with a blue box saying "Clara's quick feet (and even quicker thinking have saved the day."..."Earn a prize by showing that you're also capable of dodging Terror Mountain's dangers while hunting for exotic items.".  When you click the box, it takes you here to Clara on Ice.

Chapter 8

How to Complete

Make sure you follow these in order and carefully to complete the plot!
Note It is assumed that since the items are tradable they are not required for later in the plot. However I would suggest putting them in your Safety Deposit Box just in case!

Part 1

You need to visit the third page or Chapter 1 and click anywhere on the map. You will receive the "Ancient Map of Neopia".

Part 2

At the moment there are no known steps associated with Chapter 2. It is suggested at least read it.

Part 3

Visit the Hall of Heroes here, and click on "King Altador, the Hunter" (the statue at 12'o'clock), then "Jerdana, the Protector" (at 1'o'clock), and finally Siyana, the First to Rise (at 2'o'clock). You don't need to read Chapter 3 first, but it is advised. You will receive the "Wind Up Pocket Watch".

Part 4

At the moment there are no known steps associated with Chapter 4. It is suggested at least read it.

Part 5

Click on the animated Faeire Fountain on the only page of Chapter 5. You will receive a "Shiny Mechanical Faerie Fountain".

You then get directed here to play Cloud Raiders. Submit a score of 1000 or more to receive "Build Your Own Flying Ship".

Part 6

After reading Chapter 6 you must explore Terror Mountain. Somewhere on Terror Mountain you will find a "Mysterious Orchid". It is completely random, and could be found anywhere.

Try here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

I may have missed somewhere. If so, sorry! And Good Luck finding the Flower :)

Part 7

  • After reading Chapter 7 click on the horn in ice next to Roxton and Jordie.
  • Click on the blue box in the last window, or go here to play Clara on Ice. You must score at least 1000 points in this game to receive "Sparkling Icy Winterscape"

Part 8

  • There are currently no steps associated with Chapter 8, it is suggested you at least read it.

Neocash Challenge

The Neocash challenge was released along with Chapter 3 on 23rd October 2009. You will firstly need to purchase an "Atlas of the Ancient NC Challenge Quest Ticket" for 600NC, or US$6. Once activated you help Jordie to complete 4 quests. Please note one ticket is for all 4 quests. You can purchase your ticket here, and view the Neocash Challenge here.

Quest 1

Released 23rd October

  • On the second page of Chapter 3 click on Jordie
  • The clue reads "Altador is a magical place, so why not stay a while, do some shopping, marvel at the sites. Then take some lessons in speed from a Yooyu -- they're the fastest couriers in Neopia!"
  • Play Crisis Courier and send a score of at least 450.
For completing this quest you will receive an "Altador Courier Bag" shown here.

Quest 2

Released 29th October

  • In Chapter 5 click on Jordie.
  • The Clue reads "Isn't Faerieland a colourful place with all of its fluffy pink clouds? Once all the gorgeous colours are in place, why not try seeing Faeriland from a Cloud Racer? There are so many places to visit -- Jhudora's Cloud, the Rainbow Fountain, the Healing Springs...".
  • Visit the Healing Springs here, and click around the Water Faeries fins.
You will receive a "Healing Springs Foreground".
  • Visit the Faerieland Colouring Pages and in particular Jordies page to receive the next clue.
  • The second clue is "Congratulations! You're on the right track. Now it's time to make tracks of a different kind...among the clouds!".1
  • Play Extreme Cloud Racers here, and send a score of at least 150
You will receive a "Magic Faerieland Painting".

Quest 3

  • Visit the NC Challenge page, the clue reads "On your way to the Top of the Mountain, be sure to stop by the Ice Caves.  The icy crystals in there are beautiful, but don't slide away -- you'll soon be on a roll!"
  • The second clue says "The clues are snowballing fast, so keep on rolling!"
For sending this score you will receive a "Sparkling Ice Caves Background".

Theories about the Plot

As of 18/10/09 (2 days into the plot) these are the theories surfacing on the Neoboard.

  • A new Paint Brush will be released, in particular a Magma Paint Brush
  • Magma will be released as a colour, but as a Lab Ray colour only
  • The Lutari Paint Brush will be activated.
  • An Avatar will be released with this plot. (This is fairly likely)
  • A new land will be discovered
  • Lutari Island will be open to everyone
  • This plot will involve the Battledome.
  • There will be a war between lands.
  • The weather will somehow be important. (Check out the weather page here.)



  • You can find the FAQ here.
  • While the plot is running you can chat or ask for help on the Atlas of the Ancients Neoboard here.
  • In Chapter 1 Clara's surname is Chatham, in Chapter 2 Roxton refers to her as Miss Cheltham. It is unknown whether this is significant, but the general consensus is that TNT made a mistake.

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