Hannah 8
Name Armin
home Terror Mountain
Species Bori
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Armin the Small is a Yellow Bori who is a friend of Hannah's. He met her while she was adventuring on Terror Mountain. He helped her wake the Bori.


Goh home
Gallery of Heroes Description

One of Neopia's smallest heroes, Armin played an important role in helping Hannah to protect the Bori species from the Bringer of Night's horrible wrath. After all, it's doubtful that Hannah would have survived had the young Bori not found her passed out in the snow, weakened by the Bringer's curse.

With his trusty slingshot, it was Armin who actually delivered the final blow against the Bringer, who'd been encased in a layer of ice after striking the Heart of the Mountain.

Armin the Small is a Yellow Bori who made friends with Hannah during the Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot. He currently lives on Terror Mountain, and is probably most proud of being the one to deliver the blow to bring down the Bringer.


Hannah and the Ice Caves

In this game, you must help Hannah and Armin get through the ice caves. You can choose who to play and must avoid the enemies and any hazards that get in your way. You must also collect the treasure, and find the gems along the way. You can play here .

Key Quest

Armin is "An Unlikely Hero" when you are lucky enough to get his reward charm in Key Quest. While he guards you your keys are safe for two turns. This means they can't be stolen, swapped, or affect them in any way. Please note that twp turns means 2 players turn, and not necessarily your next two turns. You can play Key Quest here.


  • Armin Plushie
  • Armin the Small
  • Armin the Small (TCG)
  • Stained Glass Armin Window



You can view an Armin Rollover here.
You can read the Neopedia article about Armin here.

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