Anubis is a friendly little fellow, who will try not to judge you in any way
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Anubis is a Desert Petpet on Neopets.


Weight: 1 lbs.
Rarity: 70
Estimated Value: 4369 NP


  • Anubis TCG
  • Anubis Arm Chair (Item Code Exclusive)
  • Anubis Bag (Item Code Exclusive)
  • Anubis Bean Bag (Item Code Exclusive)
  • Anubis Bed
  • Anubis Fountain
  • Anubis Hand Puppet
  • Anubis Lamp
  • Anubis Mirror
  • Anubis Plushie TCG
  • Lost Desert Anubis Statue (Item Code Exclusive)
  • Lost Desert Anubis Urn (Item Code Exclusive)
  • Maraquan Anubis Plushie
  • Red Anubis Plushie
  • Red Anubis Usuki Set
  • Rainbow Anubis Plushie
  • Stone Anubis
  • White Anubis Plushie


  • Mini Anubis Plushie
  • Mini Red Anubis Plushie

Cooking Pot

  • None


  • If you view the look-up of a Desert Pet with an Anubis as a Petpet you will receive the Anubis Avatar

Game Appearances

  • None

Available Colors

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  • It is based on the Egyptian god Anubis

External Links

Visit the Petpet Category for the full list of Petpets.

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