Anchor Management is a daily from Krawk Island. Once a day you can visit a spot behind the Governor's Mansion to shoot cannonballs at a rogue giant squid to keep the island's infrastructure safe. It's free and can earn you great prizes for just a single button click.


  • Forgotten Shore Map Piece 
  • Pirate Paint Brush
  • Pirate Petpet Paint Brush
  • Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie
  • Pirate Talk
  • Pirate Chips
  • Treasure Map Negg
  • One Dubloon Coin
  • Two Dubloon Coin
  • Five Dubloon Coin
  • One Hundred Dubloon Coin
  • Pirate Gummy Candies
  • Outdoor Pirate Flag
  • The Grundo Pirate
  • Samuel No Eyes
  • Bug Eye McGee
  • Pirate Angelpuss Plushie
  • Pirate Attack Stamp
  • Pirate Usuki Playset
  • Skull and Crossbow
  • Pirate Hook Candy Cane
  • Pirate Warning Sign
  • Krawk Pirate Ship
  • Krawk Island Travel Brochure
  • Pirate Bomber Plushie
  • A History of Krawks
  • Pirate Brute Plushie
  • Keeping Your Krawk Happy
  • Krawk Island Chronicles
  • Springy Skull Toy
  • Skeith Inspired Treasure Maps
  • The Secret of Treasure Island
  • Toy Pirate Sword
  • Weewoo with Grub Plushie
  • The Curse of the Pirate Aisha
  • The Korbat from Krawk Island
  • Tuskaninny Treasure
  • Pirate Flotsam Plushie
  • Captain Scarblade Plushie

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