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Altador Cup VIII was the eighth Altador Cup in Neopia on Neopets. During this year, All-Star Groups (ASGs) chose to join Altador and Tyrannia, raising them from low-tier teams to winners. Add in a few hackers, and the two teams had almost perfect scores. Many players were upset by this but TNT did not address it.

Site Description

" Each year, players from 18 Neopian lands gather to compete in The Altador Cup, which is made up of four contests: the sport of Yooyuball and three "mini" games. To participate, Neopians choose a team and then support them by playing these contests in daily matches against other lands. Those matches determine the seeding for the final brackets, where the teams' ultimate placement is decided. "

Final Standings

Standing Team
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place
11th Place
12th Place
13th Place
14th Place
15th Place
16th Place
17th Place
18th Place


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