After their 2nd place finish last year, Darigan Citadel was able to win the cup.

The Altador Cup II took place between June 1, 2007, and ended July 9th. Once again 16 teams participated however Shenkuu replaced Kreludor for the tournament. Unlike the previous year, the format consisted of a double round-robin with each team playing each other twice then after the top two teams play for gold, and third and fourth place battle for bronze. Another new addition were the side games Make some noise and Slushie Silinger.


The double round robin consisted of all the teams playing each other twice, following the round robin, the 4 teams that advanced to the finals were:

  1. Darigan Citadel
  2. Roo Island
  3. Shenkuu
  4. Krawk Island

After the Round Robin, the finals took place consisting of Darigan Citadel VS Roo Island for gold, and Shenkuu VS Krawk Island for bronze.


The results were announces on July 9th 2007. They were as follows:

  1. Darigan Citadel
  2. Roo Island
  3. Shenkuu
  4. Krawk Island
  5. Lost Desert
  6. Mystery Island
  7. Haunted Woods
  8. Meridell
  9. Maraqua
  10. Terror Mountain
  11. Tyrannia
  12. Brightvale
  13. Altador
  14. Kiko Lake
  15. Faerieland
  16. Virtupets
  17. Kreludor (did not participate)
  18. Moltara (did not participate)

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