Aethia HTD

Aethia is a Faerie that currently has the title of Battle Faerie, wielder of the Sword of Flame and Sword of Ice. She was a student of Shyvara, and the daughter of Dreeana. Aethea also gives out quests.


Aethia claimed to be a young faerie who hadn't even graduated from the Faerie Acedemy when she became Battle Faerie. She took the place of the past Battle Faerie, Valeane. Most feared even saying Valeane's name, as they did not know where she went, or what happened to her. Aethia did not fear this and, when found a note with the name Valeane, she said it aloud. She went into the woods where she found the Swords of Ice & Flame because she knew she had to solve a mystery when she found a note between the pages of an old book. She was frieghtend and alone, her wings wounded, when she found Fiona , the Dark Faerie. She found a circle of trees and in the Mourning Tree she was granted worthy, and discovered the Sword of Ice and The Sword of Flame. The Neopidia article ends with: ""Thats right," the voice behind her said. She turned to face the tree and saw a beautiful yet ghostly figure standing there.'"And if you do not solve the riddle, the swords will not serve you."

Aethia fell to her knees but the ghost shook her head. "No," she said' "I was not worthy. You may be." The ghost touched Aethia's chin, and it was as cold as iron chains. "Go forth," she said'. "Go and find the Secret of the swords."

When Aethia looked up, the ghost was gone.

"I will," she said, a tear finding her cheek. "I swear I will.""

The ghost may have been Valeane, as she could not master the swords. Aethia must have mastered the swords, as she is the present day Battle Faerie.


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