image 122
Name Aethia
home Faerieland
Profession The Battle Faerie, Runs the Faerie Weapon Shop
Species Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Good

Aethia is a Faerie that currently has the title of Battle Faerie, and is by extension the wielder of the Sword of Flame and Sword of Ice. She was a student of Shyvara, and the daughter of Dreeana. Aethea also gives out quests and runs the Faerie Weapon Shop.


According to the Neopedia, Aethia claimed to be a young faerie who hadn't even graduated from the Faerie Acedemy when she became Battle Faerie. She took the place of the past Battle Faerie, Valeane. Valeane fought Fiona the Dark Faerie and, after losing, disappeared. Aethia found an old map of the Haunted Woods in a book with Valeane's name written on it as well as a drawing of a swords. This motivated Aethia to venture out alone following the map in hopes of discovering where Valeane hid the Swords of Flame and Ice. She had a run in with Fiona before reaching the tree (most likely the Mourning Tree) that held the swords. The tree asked her what she sought, which she revealed was, "To teach others to protect themselves." The tree decided she was worthy of weilding the swords and she recieved them, causing Fiona to retreat. Aethia inspected the swords and discovered there was a riddle etched in the blades in old Faerie Tongue. A ghost then appeared (presumably Valeane) that tells Aethia that they were not worthy, but she may be. Aethia swore to the ghost that she would discover the secret of the blades.


The Battle Faerie can request any items r76-89. Upon completion of her quest, she will award your active neopet with +3 HP, +3 strength, and +3 defence.


The Battle Faerie's avatar is achieved randomly when winning a fight in the Battledome. 
Valiant avatar

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