Adopting is a feature where you can take in pets that were previously abandoned at the Neopian Pound Users under four months cannot adopt most painted pets, limited edition pets, or pets with higher stats. Owners with Neopets Premium can own up to five pets at a time, while owners without Premium can have up to four pets.

The only other way to obtain a new pet is through creating one, (though draiks and krawks require items to be created).

At the bottom of the Pound page, TNT reminds us with this: "Note: The Neopian Pound is not to be abused for financal gain. Selling Neopets, or profitting from abandoned Neopets is a freezable offence."

Sometimes you can find nicely-named and nicely painted pets if you look hard enough though it is a competitive place. Looking through the pound is often called 'pound surfing'. Do note that better pets often cost a higher adoption so make sure you have at least a few thousand neopoints on hand when looking.

Uses For Adoption

  • Getting new Neopets
  • Trading - DO NOT TRY TO TRADE PETS THROUGH ABANDONMENT/ADOPTION! It is a quick way to get scammed or permanently lose your pet. There is a transfer feature for a reason! As one gets limited transfers it is a tempting thing to try hwoever.

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