Abigail A. Avinroo is a 11-year-old female blue Aisha. She is the younger sister of AAA, the famous Games Master in Neopia.

Abigail is part of Daily Dare, the Games Master Challenge, and the New Game Challenge.


Abigail, Aristotle's little sister, is bright and insightful for her age, but she certainly doesn't have her big brother's ego. While she loves playing with her Usukis and participating in other activities, Abigail has also picked up some gaming skills from her brother and enjoys a good game from time to time. Her skills, however, are typically a far cry from those of her brother, who spends all of his time playing and practising every game he can find. As a result, Abigail's challenges are generally easier than those that Aristotle offers.

Though most would be horrified by the thought of being related to AAA, Abigail is well aware of her brother's ego issues and doesn't let them bother her at all. In fact, she thinks his behaviour is rather funny and does her best not to grin while listening to her brother carry on about being the master of all games. Needless to say, her sweet and friendly personality has won over the hearts of many... including those who can't stand her brother.

Game Challenges

Abigail appears in Game Challenges around Neopia. Since she is not as good as her brother AAA at games her score os often fairly low, and easy to achieve.

Dungeon Dash

In this game you play as AAA or Abigail, as you run through 5 different games trying not to get caught by the bad guys. You can play here.



  • AAA and Abigail Bobble Heads
  • AAA and Abigail Bowling Set
  • Abigail Daily Dare Badge
  • Abigail Gumball Machine
  • Abigail Sweatband
  • Abigail Sock Puppet
  • Abigail Plushie


  • Abigail Daily Dare Gift Wrap
  • Abigail Thought Bubble
  • Abigails Chair
  • Abigails Custom Drawn Dreamy Hanso Diary
  • Lulus Room Raid: Abigail Room Key
  • Abigails Room Backround


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