Dr death

Dr_Death, the Techo veterinarian

You can abandon a pet through the Neopian Pound if you so desire. The reason for this is usually to make space on you account for more pets as you can only hold four (or five with Premium).

Abandoning a Neopet basically means to disown it and it is permanent so think about it carefully before you decide to abandon your pet. Do note that you can only pound a pet once per day.

People have done so for financial gain, and as stated in the Adoption article, have been frozen. It's strongly discouraged that you create a Neopet, as you may then see another in the pound that you prefer and want to abandon your pet.

Abandoned pets may be readopted by other users. If the pet has a nice name, or has a good colour/species or has high stats then it will likely be adopted rather quickly.

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