"I can play eight puzzle games at a time with my eyes closed and STILL beat you!"


Aristotle A. Avinroo
Name Aristotle A. Avinroo
home Roo Island
Profession Gamer
Species Blumaroo
Gender Male

Aristotle A. Avinroo (more commonly abbreviated as AAA) is a 14-year-old male yellow Blumaroo. He claims to be the Games Master in Neopia. He challenged players of Neopets by hosting game challenges:

Site Description

Never one to be subtle, Aristotle A. Avinroo, the self-proclaimed "master of the Games Room", is known for his egoistical nature and insatiable drive to constantly prove himself as the best gamer in all Neopia. Despite claims that no one can possibly best him, he's built quite an anti-following of Neopets who'd like nothing more than to see this Blumaroo eat his words.

Of course, AAA (as he's often called) isn't without his merits; if asked, Aristotle will gladly give you some of his expert gaming tips (though don't expect him to forget how indebted you are to him). Of course, if you accept his help and then are actually able to best his score, well... it was only because of the masterful tips that he gave you, so you really aren't better at the game than he is. It seems the only Neopian who can tolerate him is his little sister Abigail, who has learned over the years to just humour him and play along.


AAA lives with his younger sister Abigail, who is a female blue Aisha, and his cousin Lulu, who is a female white Cybunny.


  • He claims that his IQ is too high to count.
  • His interests are gaming, boasting and beating others.
  • He is named after the Greek philosopher Aristotle.
  • His floating chair was bought by his mother.
  • He lives in his parents' basement and his humoured by his sister Abigail.
  • Makes an appearance in his own game: Dungeon Dash.


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