8-bit zapped

8-Bit is a colour that a pet or petpet can be changed into.

They are a tribute to sprites of 8-bit video games. They are very simplistic-looking, made up of large pixel blocks.

How to Obtain

To get an 8-bit style neopet, you will need access to the Secret Lab Ray or an 8-bit Powerup Potion. The colour is not available from a Fountain Faerie Quest.

8-Bit style petpets are only available from the Petpet Lab Ray and an 8-bit Power-Up Potion.


Some 8-Bit pets come with removable clothing as part of the colour. However, regular clothing can not be used on an 8-bit pet, with the exception of background items, foreground items and trinkets.

Notably, 8-Bit Staff cannot be worn due to the fact that it is a held item.

8-Bit Neopets

Here are all the neopets that can be painted 8-bit.

8-Bit Petpets

Here are all the petpets that can be painted 8-bit.

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